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The Purple Floor

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The Purple Floor at Oriel Davies, Powys, Wales

The purple floor was amazing not quite what I expected from my first visit to Oriel Davies as an Associate Artist.

The people were lovely, kind & very helpful, the art was hugely inspiring however the purple floor of the accessible toilet was superb. It was exciting, exuding a sense of intense freedom. I felt like I could breathe so clearly and deeply. Breathing in life itself. I kept returning to it throughout my visit, mesmerised by its presence. Odd? No, this is sensory difference, this is my flavour neuro-divergency. This for me is normal. I experience colour, texture & touch, sound, light, movement & taste with every aspect of my body and every other sense. It can be joyous, exhilarating, and exciting but it can also be totally overwhelming. And yet the overwhelm can be calmed and soothed with the right kind of other sensory input. At other times low sensory input is required. As an associate artist with Oriel Davies, Powys, Wales. I am supporting everyone at the gallery to make the space accessible for people like me – those who experience sensory difference for whatever reason. I have been welcomed whole heartedly and everyone at the gallery is open and receptive to considerations that need to be made. It’s going well. This work will continue in the background and now it is time for me to communicate my sensory response to the space called Oriel Davies.

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