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A woman in a pink top, spinning round under trees with a shawl.


Gaia is a neurodivergent visual artist, facilitator, and diversity advocate, living and working in West Wales.


Her work is autoethnographical and performative, concerning itself with a deep connection to space and place, exploring how our sense of belonging, to landscape, place or culture, impacts our sense of self and our emotional health and well-being.

Gaia’s work describes a pathway to 'wilding' the self and celebrates authenticity.


Her current research investigates the connections between humans and the unseen, spiritually encountered space we identify as Spirit of Place.


Gaia's engagement with the land is particularly focused on the landscape of Mynydd Preseli.

Exploring landscape and her own sensory experience, she constructs and curates a narrative of human and natural existence both past and present, which is documented and shared through film, performance and site specific interventions.

Fully dressed woman standing in the sea with arms and scarf stretched out like a birds wings.

Gaia’s interactions with the Spirit of Place began in childhood, as she explored the gardens and woodlands around her  home and observed the more-than-human beings who reside there.


As a neurodivergent person, Gaia is gifted with heightened sensory perception resulting in a lifelong  sensitivity to the nuances of space and environment.


Her work using water as a method of recording experience is one example of her acute attention to her environment.

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