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Excitement . Freedom . Breathe

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Facets: Self Portrait

On seeing the purple floor laid in the accessible toilet at Oriel Davies, I felt a welling of excitement developing into expansive freedom and the feeling that I can fully breathe into every part of me for the first time.

But how to portray this to others to create a new level of understanding of neuro-divergency and sensory response? How to recreate the experience in a relatable from?

Facets: Self Portrait

With my support for the day (aka Zen my husband, photographer, sound tech, rescuer of things from the sea, my walking aid, driver and all round good egg), we dodge hail and rain to create images that embody my synesthetic experience of the purple floor.

Coupled with purple clothing, some of which I have constructed myself using weaving, one of the sensory techniques that I find vital for my wellbeing, camera and a flask we set to work on a windy December day at Poppit Beach, Pembrokeshire.

Oh, so cold on the beach. I must experience the freedom, breathing the air and the rush of excitement driven by the elements.

Facets: Self Portrait

The experience on the beach is just as exhilarating, liberating and releasing as the purple floor experience, while embodying the land, sea and sky and creating a visual interpretation of sensory response to space & place as self portraiture.

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