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Earthsong reflects Gaia's intentions towards the land and her relationships with both human

and more-than-human beings. Earthsong is a journey, both inner and outer, that informs Gaia's practice and daily life.

Earthsong is a pilgrimage of the heart and soul.

Earthsong is Gaia - asking questions, creating new work and committing to a daily practice

of deep listening and imagining.


Earthsong is Gaia in conversation with other forms of consciousness which have a ‘voice,’

including the land, plants, trees and other non-human beings.


Earthsong is Gaia documenting the journey,

reflecting on her purpose, intention, experience & direction.

Documenting Earthsong

Woman's feet standing in a river. The bottom of a long patchwork skirt and green shawl can be seen.

Still from Earthsong video - 2022

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