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University of the Self (UotS) is an ongoing project that questions identity and the true self.

Begun in 2012, it is the reflection of the inside on the outside and the experience of that space, and its effects on the body and mind. 


UotS follows a manifesto and incorporates experimental performance / ritualist process, reflection, conversation and installation.

University of the Self 
Manifesto of Discovery #1

University of the Self (UotS) is an internal process of experiential learning initiated by and for the self either consciously or subconsciously.

The UotS is for the individual.

The result is then disseminated to others through Universal Law & observable example.


The UotS is a performative & participatory experience for the individual and is present within the mind & body of the person.

It is internal and so is always accessible through conscious engagement, dreaming, and metaphysical communication, internal dialogue, meditation or altered state practice.


The UotS is open to each individual who wishes to engage in the process of discovery and uncovering of the true or authentic self.

The UotS only offers opportunities to test personal theories and ideas,

it does not provide a set route to authenticity as it recognises the uniqueness of

each person and their process.


The authentic self shall be explored & rediscovered through performative behaviour, testing of identity and the removal of the shroud that often hides the true self; using performance, ritual, test ‘labs’, installation / experiencing presence of place, sculpture and any other means deemed necessary by the individual.

Reflection will take place before, during and after engagement to consolidate learning and determine subsequent action.


The need for conscious engagement with the UotS is usually recognised as a result of personal difficulty and dissatisfaction with life on this earth.

It is an individual’s choice whether to engage with the UotS.

The UotS recognises that the self always knows the truth, yet the individual can distort

the true self due to experiences & to meet current needs, desires or

conform to personal avoidance mechanisms.


It is recognised that the UotS is fluid, and this manifesto may change as the path to the true self is made manifest.

Winding Circles
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