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Rewilding the Artist

Imagine a process of discovery for artists, organisations, and collectives

that facilitates real change, equity, and authenticity.

Welcome to Rewilding the Artist



Rewilding the Artist is an individual journey whether you are a freelance artist, part of a collective, or an organisation.

Initially a journey towards authenticity and self-care through sensory practice and developed from both personal lived & professional working experience with ongoing research, Rewilding the Artist has now blossomed into a creative experiential journey.


With a Culture of Care at its foundation, Rewilding the Artist supports change both for individuals and the sector through its offerings of practical and creative resources, inspirational podcasts, Immersive Rewilding facilitation and residencies.

You may wish to meander over to the dedicated Rewilding the Artist website where there is plenty to see including projects, resources, ethos and how to get involved.


A Culture of Care

A Culture of Care is a shift in cultural outlook that fully embraces and integrates non-traditional ways of working and creating and embodies a space where everyone is valued and treated with equity. Balancing different needs and voices can be difficult but when we listen and act with care and compassion a balance can be gained, and wonderful things can happen.


A Culture of Care removes barriers and builds in effective access & support for all into the foundation of every opportunity, funding application and arts space.


A Culture of Care facilitates genuine attitudinal change and true equity within the sector.

Work With Us

There are many ways that you can get involved with Rewilding the Artist and work with us including:

  • Experiencing Immersive Rewilding through: Residencies, Imaginings, Installation, Shared Spaces, Facilitation and Professional Development.

  • Listening to our inspirational Culture of Care podcasts.

  • Using the Rewilding the Artist resources.

  • Joining the mailing list so that you can follow The Journey and hear about the latest news and events.

If you would like to work with us on any of these, or if you feel there are other ways that Rewilding the Artist could help you or your organisation, please contact us to share your thoughts.



Rewilding the Artist resources are developed with the support of organisational partners, collaborators & other individuals. The resulting documents are created from the findings of research, consultation, practice / testing and lived experience, with the aim of supporting the development of a Culture of Care, improved access, and wider equity within the arts.


We are currently working on new creative resources; this work is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

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