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Seed Funding & Utopias Bach

May I have a piece of you?

I am very grateful to have been awarded seed funding from Utopias Bach to kick start and test some ideas for Cathedral of the Trees.

The funding will pay for 3 artist micro response residencies which focus on peace. Each artist will receive one of my hand-created talking sticks as a tool and starting point to their residency.

Talking Stick (Arabella Quercus) 1

I am also planning the first Cathedral of the Trees event titled ‘The Blueprint of Peace Explored Through Ma’. This event will take place online (Zoom) and be open to anyone who wishes to discuss what peace is and could be. The number of places will be limited to enable an enjoyable cohesive event where everyone has an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts.

Talking Stick (Arabella Quercus) 2

Further details on the chosen artists receiving the inaugural Cathedral of the Trees residencies and the wider online event will be announced shortly.

Anyone can take part in Cathedral of the Trees by joining or proposing an event.

If you wish to propose an event or host a Cathedral of the Trees event, I would be happy to hear from you. Please email me outlining your ideas or to arrange a chat.


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