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Deep within the still centre of my being may I find peace

Silently in the quiet of the grove may I share peace

Gently within the greater circle of humanity may I radiate peace.

(A Druid Peace Prayer)

Cathedral of the Trees connects us back to the land through the old ways and ancestral paths (past) enables humankind time and space to share, re-imagine & reflect on peace (present) and to manifest change for the generations to come (future).


I am looking for:

  • Guardians of trees, peace makers & architects of imagination

  • Landowners who are excited about the project and its purpose

  • Plant pots small & large and chemical free compost

  • Donations are always welcome.

The Cathedral of the Trees will be a work which is a peaceful legacy for humankind and future generations. If you wish to support the peace work of Cathedral of the Trees, please contact me.

I would like to thank David Nash for his ongoing support and interest in the Cathedral of the Trees.

An oak tree sapling growing in grass in front of a tree truck.

For many years I had a vision. The vision has been more of an intense feeling, a knowing of a place of peace. Over the years I have tried to quantify it. It has never happened, something just hasn’t fitted with the feeling. It just hasn’t been right.

As like many people I / we have spent much time through the pandemic meditating on the situation we are in and our future, our freedoms or lack of. I have spent much time managing fear and trying not to fall into it’s traps, not always succeeding. We have seen division and polarity in our society. Through it all, I held onto the concept of love and peace and the belief that I need to bring all my knowledge together as one into ‘a place of peace’. The more fear I felt, the more love and peace I needed to radiate to help bring about balance.

Oak leaves on a branch.

In July 2021, I had a vision of the Cathedral of the Trees, a place of peace, of reflection, or re-imagining, of change and of commitment. A place of pilgrimage. I wondered who I could speak to about working with trees. Although our home (Rhyddid) and my studio are surrounded by trees, I haven’t planted many and this project is a distinct change in direction from my previous work. So, I wrote to David Nash. He was kind enough to speak to me about the difficulties and the beauty of working with trees and the spirit that resides within them.

When we moved to Rhyddid we became guardians of the land. I have started to collect together the tiny saplings that grow as the result of squirrels planting nuts, birds distributing seed and the natural fall of fruits and nuts. It is not difficult to find saplings of oak, hazel, ash, hawthorn, blackthorn and not so long ago I found a walnut. The saplings are catalogued and placed in a safe area of the garden that acts as a tree nursery and there they will reside until they reach a size that they can take their place as an aspect of a tree cathedral. This peaceful ritualistic action is the starting place of the Cathedral of the Trees.

Oak leaves on a tree.
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