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An experimental collaborative performance between Gaia Redgrave and Aleks Wojtulewicz. 


15 Minutes was initially presented in the form of a letter written by Gaia to Aleks. The letter drew on her profound experiences relating to health and isolation. 


Aleks was to read the letter for the first time in front of the audience, reflect for a short while and then respond. Before performing, he lay the letter on the floor in front of the audience for them to read Gaia’s words. 


15 Minutes was performed at Backbone for HFWAS, Minerva Buildings, Digbeth, Birmingham.

Image of a man wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, leaping up against a brick wall painted white.

Aleks Wojtulewicz - 15 Minutes
Image credit: Robin Pugh & Digital Trickery

Woman with shopping bags looking at pages of a letter laid out on  the floor. Man in background.

Aleks Wojtulewicz & audience member
15 Minutes
Image credit: Robin Pugh & Digital Trickery

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