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Embodied Weaving

Embodied Weaving involves Gaia using all of her senses to experience and interpret the emotions and sensory experiences she encounters in relationship with the natural world.


Because Gaia feels so deeply, with exquisite sensory awareness, such encounters become part of her bodily experience, becoming part of herself. Holding those encounters within, she manifests the experience through the meditative process of embodied weaving.


For Gaia, the embodied weaving's are evidence of a collaborative process with the natural world. As she is drawn to a particular landscape or non-human being she senses an exchange of information, a conversation expressed through sensory experience. Communication with non-human beings, trees, animals, birds etc, is not a language based communication, but one of sensory expression.

Gaia believes that the non-human world is able to communicate with us and to remind humanity that we are part of the land, part of the living world. 

Through the repetitive, trance-like work of weaving Gaia becomes a conduit between the object or experience she holds within, and the cloth she weaves.


Her sensory experience becomes manifest in the weaving, is made visible in the tension, colours, and thickness of the woven fibers.


In this way, the weavings become record keepers, texts of the sensory, just as the landscape itself, rocks, trees, rivers are also record keepers, imbued with the stories of the environment and long years passing that shaped them.

Red weaving stretch across the inside of ruined castle walls. Light shining in from a window.

Storm Score - Embodied Weaving 2022

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