Gaia Redgrave

- Freelance Artist -

Project Lead - Neurodiversity in Arts Mentor & Advisor

This May Change You!

This may change you is a series of immersive installations and sculptural works aimed at challenging thoughts and beliefs in relation to homelessness, difference and inequality.

Paricipants are encouraged to examine their own beliefs in relation to the given subject and reflect on opportunity for balance. This process is aided by the use of orchestrated sound within the environemnt. An example of this can be heard by following the link below.

This Year

A sparse installation referring to the Salvation Army initiative of asking each person to donate just one coat for those in need.

There are no coats available in this installation.


An immersive installation incorporating sound, words & coats, presented in a highly controlled enclosed space.

The participant is instructed not to touch the coats. (Listen)


A sculpture that values what has been discarded while making inaccessible the basics that are needed for comfort and warmth.