Gaia Redgrave

- Freelance Artist -

Project Lead - Neurodiversity in Arts Mentor & Advisor

Consultancy & Advisory Work

Gaia provides a consultancy service on neuro-diversity & disability access issues for both organisations & individual artists who wish to improve their capacity for working or welcoming neuro-diverse artists and visitors. She has worked with g39, Arts Council Wales & Wales Arts International as a consultant advising on equality of access, access to funding including new funding strands and reframing international opportunities for disabled artists.

Gaia also offers support for artists to attain level playing field access for those that are neuro-diverse, have hidden disabilities or sensory processing differences.

She was one of the chosen speakers / performers at Unlimited Connect Wales - Making Space: Curating Disabled Artists. This was a joint initiative between Unimited & Visual Arts Group Wales. Resources available here.

Why Gaia?

Gaia is neuro-diverse herself with a diagnosis of ASD (Aspergers) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). She has previously worked as a health practitioner and has trained and mentored others within the same field. Her experiences of barriers to access within the visual arts has fuelled her desire to facilitate much needed change. She is a firm believer in honest conversation where the issues are uncovered with an openness to embrace creative action & change for the benefit of all.

Gaia has completed training courses in neuro-diversity and sensory processing disorder with Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Adult Neuro-developmental Unit. She has also worked with neuro-diverse young people within the Scouting Association.

Below are examples of how Gaia can advise and support. However, as every access situation is unique this list is not exhaustive.

Please contact Gaia directly to discuss your specific requirements.

Examples of support:

Auditing where an organisation is at in relation to working with disabled artists and creating neuro-diverse friendly environments.

Reviewing and advising on calls for artists.

Training and talks focussed on inclusivity / access, neuro-diversity and working with neuro-diverse artists.

Review of funding options and their accessibilty for disabled artists.

Advising on the development of projects and opportunities that embrace disabled artists.

One to one and project based support in producing alternative and creative access 'statement' artwork as conversation starters, drawn from personal practice.

Mentoring for atists with access requirements; particularly neuro-diversity, hidden disabiity and sensory processing differences.

Creative solutions to access.

Creating a level playing field within your organisation focussing on a culture of care & kindness.

Provision of projects supporting disabled artists in access to your organisation or the visual arts opportunities in general.

Advising on supporting disabled artists to access and complete an application process as well as recipients being able to feed back or review after a project.

Support on becoming a trusted partner for a neuro-diverse artist so that they can gain support and confidence in working with you.

Creative consultation workshops around access and talents, recognising ability rather than disability.

Assessment of access requirements and how to communicate them to organisations.

Assessment of requirements and possibilities for support when applying for opportunities or working on projects.