Gaia Redgrave

- Freelance Artist -

Project Lead - Neurodiversity in Arts Mentor & Advisor


Gaia is a freelance neuro-diverse artist living and working in rural Pembrokeshire.

Her work aims to offer a glimpse into the reality of others, and provide an impact to encourage the viewer to assess or reassess personal beliefs and ideas. It is for this reason that Gaia often refers to those that experience her work as participants.

Her work often provides an experience that the viewer would otherwise have been unable to access. Gaia utilises experimental modes to the traditional to convey her message such as the use of a ‘surrogate’ performer, performing live from her home, and using water as a record keeper with which to convey her message to others.

Her practice focuses on the discussion of equality and access within the social norms of current society through film, immersive installation, and performance. Creating an environment is key to her work whether this is physical in nature or a less tangible construct of word and emotion. Designed to be self-supportive, her practice is demonstrative (brings into the light that which is unspoken or unseen) and subversive (offers an opportunity for audiences and participants to question and potentially reframe existing beliefs) and nurtures her as a neuro-diverse being.

Gaia’s project based work is generally in conjunction with disabled artists, employing an experiential manner to address access issues, alongside self-belief and challenging limiting beliefs or ways of working imposed either consciously or unconsciously by others.

Both her practice and her project work mirror and inform each other.

Alongside her practice, Gaia advises organisations & funders on access for & working with artists experiencing a variety of neuro-diverse, physical, and mental challenges.

Hons Fine Art (First Class)

Birmingham City University (Solihull Campus)

HNC Art & Craft

Coventry University

Foundation Art & Design

Coventry University

Awards & Prizes

2020 DAC Art Prize Finalist

2014 HCE 10: The Circles Competition (3rd Prize)

2012 Judith Phillips Award for Outstanding Achievement

2011 Shortlisted for Phoenix Group Creative Prize


2021 Oriel Davies - Associate Artist

2020 Art Council Wales Lottery Fund for Raising the Bar Together

2019, 2020 & 2021 g39 - Mentoring

2018 DASH – Cultivate Mentoring (Funded by Arts Council England)