Gaia Redgrave

- Freelance Artist -

Project Lead - Neurodiversity in Arts Mentor & Advisor


A spoken word performance written and performed by Gaia Redgrave focusing on misogynistic control.

Originally performed at Breaking the Law / Burning Down the House for Home for Waifs and Strays, the piece aims to shock and surpise as it verbalises the unspoken.

Photo Credit: Nick Hynan


A performance at Roots Gallery Coventry for Femme:5 detailing the fragile nature of mental health and the need to stay connected with reality & remember.

Not Seen and Not Heard

A sculptural installation comprising of two chairs painted white. But something is not quite right, however what is wrong is not immediately obvious.

The piece aims to bring to light how those experiencing disability, hidden or otherwise, become invisible and therefore marginalised


A residency at Roots Gallery, Coventry exploring human difficulty.

The residency lasting a week incorporated conversation & reflection on life experience and the construction of an interactive installation where participants activily climbed through mental aspects of their lives.